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Dental Care

If you are suffering from any type of common dental issues, you have reached the right place. We offer you all the types of right treatment that is needed for the cure. For any regular checkup, you can come.

However, while you are suffering from a problem, where you are not able to understand the reason, you can come to us. We will help you out to find the reason as well as to solve the issue too. You just need to book an appointment with us.


We call them rebuilding efforts since we are re-establishing the shape and value of the teeth. Present-day materials enable us to revamp teeth with tooth hued composites, which hold fast to the tooth, frequently without expecting to cut or penetrate the tooth itself. We are focused on insignificant intercession which implies not evacuating tooth material except if unavoidable

Tooth removal

Due to different reasons, your tooth can be damaged. Therefore, it can cause severe pain and removal of the tooth remained the only way to get rid of the pain. However, at Knightsbridge dentists, we can provide you with a near painless removal with our highly active sedation process.

We used to do the sedation to reduce the level of the anxiety and we use either Nitrous Oxide dental gas or intravenous Hypnovel for this. Nitrous Oxide dental gas relaxes you devoid of putting you to sleep.


Side effects show when it is difficult to drink something chilly without the teeth harming or notwithstanding taking in cool air can be excruciating.

We offer an assortment of authority medicines, which run from Fluoride varnishes to ozone treatment, and with a little consideration, this normal yet disturbing issue can be much unravelled.

Tooth Whitening and Veneers

Re-coloured or stained front teeth can regularly be made alluring just by brightening. We can likewise layer tooth shaded filling material onto the tooth surface, which “veneers” the tooth, yet with no finish expulsion.

In outrageous cases, porcelain veneers (rather like a false fingernail) can be made that sit on the front of your current tooth and are uniquely designed to coordinate your neighbouring teeth.

Root Canal Therapy (root fillings)

This is a method for sparing a tooth, which would need to generally be extricated. Numerous dental specialists discover the method troublesome and want to elude the patient to an authority or even choose to evacuate the tooth. I get a kick out of the chance to do them and you will discover the methodology easy, abandoning you with a tooth that will keep on serving you well for a long time to come. We have the finest in class tools that help us to give our patients the best outcomes.

Tooth Grinding

Mostly the tooth grinding occurs due to severe stress and anxiety and often happens when a person is in sleep. However, grinding and clenching happen to most of the people but occasionally but if you are facing it on a regular basis, then it can have a chance to harm the teeth. It can cause a multitude of problems ranging from loss of tooth enamel to jaw joint pains and clicks, headaches, neck pains and even migraine. We give a custom-made mouth guard that one can wear at night, which can save your tooth for sure.

Gum Disease

The most widely recognized reason for tooth misfortune after the age of 30 is the gum infections. Legitimate treatment can monitor this and maintain a strategic distance from extraction as a rule. Draining gums when tooth brushing is a notice sign. Try not to abandon it too long, the prior you come to see us, the more probable we are to have the capacity effectively to encourage you.

Other Services

Apart from these mentioned services, we also provide soaring treatments. If you or your any family member is suffering from such issues, do not hesitate to contact us. We do the sedation for reducing the anxiety level. We use either Nitrous Oxide dental gas or intravenous Hypnovel. However, the Nitrous Oxide dental gas relaxes you devoid of putting you to sleep. This helps to make the gum numb and you cannot feel any pain during the treatment.

Finally, as we mentioned that we also provide treatment for jaw clenching and grinding teeth. It can cause a multitude of problems ranging from loss of tooth enamel to jaw joint pains and clicks, headaches, neck pains and even migraine. We prepare custom-made teeth guard that protects the enamel.